With over 16 years of experience in tree services and maintenance, Aguilar Landscaping offers top-quality work for your tree removal or tree trimming needs. Tree cutting promotes better growth and structure for your foliage. It prevents structural damage to your lawn, surrounding areas, and structures that might be collateral damage to uncontrollable root growth from old trees.

We offer our professional services in Palm Beach, Lake Park, Riviera Beach, Century Village, and Magonia Park. Be assured that Aguilar Landscaping is the right choice if you’re looking for tree services in the Palm Beach, Florida, area.

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What services do we offer?

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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is the process in which overgrown, unnecessary, or diseased tree branches are removed to enhance the appearance of your landscape and preserve tree structure. The trimming treatment your tree will receive depends significantly on the type of tree or the growth pattern it presents.

Sometimes, a light trimming might be enough to keep your trees healthy. However, trees might require a thorough trimming when they appear sick or push toward electrical wires and other potentially dangerous areas (like your own home!).

Tree Removal

Old, overgrown trees can cause structural damage to their surrounding areas, especially those whose roots create cracks or uplift sidewalks or your lawn. Tree removal doesn’t necessarily mean completely removing the stump from the ground (though we do have a service for tree stump removals), but cutting the branches and the trunk into a smaller section.

Here at Aguilar Landscaping, we will take care of trees that are at an unsafe distance from your home, have been irreparably damaged, or need to be removed for your other landscaping needs.

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