Best Landscapers in West Palm Beach

Aguilar Landscaping is a business that has positioned itself as one of the best landscapers in Florida, offering unparalleled landscaping services and tree services for the last 16 years. Our mission to provide outstanding service has taken us to reach out to many different locations in this sunny state, making more homes look beautiful. Today, we have become the solution to beautify and give functionality to landscapes from Palm Beach to Lake Park, Florida.

Engineered Landscaping


Lawn Maintenance and Design


Stump Removal




Brick Installation


Sprinkler System

In addition, we have totally affordable and down-to-earth landscaping prices without losing the touch of quality that characterizes us.

Why Choose Us?

Being one of the best landscapers in West Palm Beach is not just a title; it is also a commitment and passion for everything we do. Our services are delivered with the highest quality tools and work methods performed by fully trained professionals. On the other hand, Aguilar Landscaping’s customer service is not just about maintaining basic communication with our clients, but it is about a pleasant experience 

Landscaping Services

If you are looking for complete landscaping and top notch lawn care, these are some of the services that we offer for you:
  • Engineered landscaping
  • Lawn Maintenance and Design
  • Stump Removal
  • Hardscaping
  • Brick Installation
  • Sprinkler System

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