Engineered Landscaping


Landscaping is one of the best ways of giving a personalized touch to our homes. With the help of nature’s resources and the right landscape contractors, you can get aesthetic, dynamic, and beautiful results in your outdoor spaces.

Our professional landscaping services are just designed for our clients to have their dreamed landscape come true. Among our proposal of services, we offer everything you would need for your yard. From adequate services for installation to routine landscape maintenance according to your needs.

Personalized landscaping services.

In each of our projects, we take special care of the individual expectations of our clients.

Our #1 goal is to improve the landscape design in Florida and that each one is characterized by having the personal essence of each family.

With our services it is very easy to install and maintain your patios impeccable.


Engineered landscaping

Without a doubt, a landscape service with advanced methodology and practice is infallible. If this is what you are looking for, our engineered landscaping will surely surprise you with the results.


Lawn Care

Our lawn maintenance and design can be just what you need to achieve a basic or an architectural landscape.



Do you dream of that road or that grill made of bricks? We can help you achieve that with our brick installation service. Tell us your idea and we take care of the rest.


Stump Removal

Do not risk the yard aesthetics or the safety of those who spend time in the outdoors of your home. We can remove those complicated stumps for you in no time.


Tree Services

Trees are also essential in your landscape. You can leave the maintenance or removal of trees in your home to us.

Get the benefits of hiring our landscaping services.

In addition to the quality of the results, we are characterized by offering a truly professional service at affordable prices to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. Save money, time, and energy with the solutions that Aguilar Landscaping has for you.

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